Monday, 30 June 2014

How to think out of the box?

  This is actually the first time i decide to write in english, hope you don't mind if i'm having a lot of trouble with grammar and so on, i will accept any kind of comments about my english with golden heart..hihihi.
  Today, my teacher, miss solara gives us the chance to watch one of the ted talk videos which is really interesting. The talk is represented by an autistic boy- the incredible one. Just imagined, by the age of ten he was accepted by one of the top universities in the world. What makes me amaze by this brilliant boy is that he urged us to stop learning but start thinking and creating. It is absolutely true that we keep chewing what we got from the past without thinking of the perfections and the secrets of the knowledges. We commonly block our mind to think about something else that can actually be a new discovery for the world. We always forget the fact that our brain can develop numerous knowledges and theories with the effort of thinking in a new way. It is absolutely related to the out of the box way of thinking.
  I realised that it is quite hard to change the literal way of thinking, but trust me... With the continuous practise like always asking ourselves about something out of our comfort zone, thinking deeply and observing the surrounding critically with enthusiasm.. We will gradually be a genius!