Friday, 18 December 2015

The Sketches

Meet my new friend! Afifah!
 These are some of the sketches that I include in my portfolio.. What do you think?
I took almost five hours to finish this sketch.

This one I learn from Youtube.

hahaha.. This is a card that I plan to give to my pen pal.. but... hmmm...

Macam pernah tengok aje kan...

My most favorite one : Taj Mahal

Just sharing.. hihihi.. doakan yang terbaik untuk saya ye..:)

Just Smile :)

Latest update starting from where I stop!

1. Tabletku rosak akibat kemalasan melampau untuk charge battery.
2. Sat for the UK CAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) .
3. Depression Phase.
4. Healing Phase. (kuahkuahkuah)
5. Applied for universities through UCAS.
6. Have made the most weird backup plan.

Fuhh! Nothing is more daunting than having a second thought on your 'well-plan' future path.
Now, I'm actually having two options on the courses for my degree. Hahaha, between medicine and architecture...
ARCHITECTURE????? Yes, Most of my ex schoolmates also against me if I were to become an architect in the future. In fact, MY PARENTS, AUNTS, THEIR CHILDREN .. I mean MY COUSINS AND EVERYONE already announced me as the SECOND DOCTOR to-be in the BIG Family Tree.. Hmmmmmm...
I'm on dilemma because deeepp in my heart, I want to study in the UK.
My teacher already told me that there are huge possibility for the medicine application to be unsuccessful. The course is way too competitive. However, I haven't received any update in UCAS telling me whether I am invited to attend interviews for Cardiff, Glasgow and Aberdeen University. I really hope that at least I get one of them.
What I have in my hand now are the conditional offer for architecture in the University of Manchester and for MBBS in Newcastle Medicine Malaysia at Johor Bharu.

I think I would end up going for medicine for the sake of every people I love.
IELTS result this coming January will help me to choose. Hopefully I will have the best and be the best.